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Cadjigue – Museu virtual dedicado ao Património imaterial e à cultura Bijagó (Virtual Museum dedicated to the intangible heritage of the Bijagó Culture) is an association of multi-generational inhabitants of the Bijagós islands who form a social and cultural association. It was established in 2014 following the joint production of the film 'Kadjike' by Sana Na N'Hada. The association aims to value the material and immaterial culture of Bijagó and thereby protect and reproduce the oral traditions and the transmission of rites. Moreover, the collective strives to develop creative methods for collective, performative and audiovisual productions in order to address the current threats to the archipelago and its residents as well as its unique fauna and flora. Cadjigue wants to contribute to the promotion of the social and cultural significance of the Bijagós by creating an open accessible virtual museum, which can archive documents of the geographic, social, cultural and spiritual heritage in a meaningful way. Cadjigue consists of young Bijagó some of who are also related to the Atingo Iacanto women's group, which collaborate with the MEDIATECA ONSHORE.