Some traditional and indigenous cosmologies insist on an understanding of the world as an entangled organism with a fragile resilience that encompasses a complicated relation between past, present and future.
MEDIATECA ONSHORE is an arts and culture platform in a socially and ecologically sensitive area in Guinea-Bissau. As a nomade venue, it hosts workshops, seminars, productions and community gatherings. As a network, it acts as a hub for transferring local, South-South and mundializing knowledge through performing arts, moving image and digital media.

The purpose of MEDIATECA ONSHORE is to share practices in the fields of art, agroecology, traditional knowledge as contribution to social, economical and environmental justice. It was established on the island of Bubaque in 2018 as an initiative of Geba Filmes in dialogue with the transnational kinships knit within the Luta ca caba inda project. It is locally managed by two associations Cadjique and Atingo lacanto. It started activities with minimal resources on an itinerant basis and the long-term plan of establishing a space for self-management, cultural production and knowledge exchange for local communities through collective, interactive and transdisciplinary workshops. MEDIATECA ONSHORE proposes a sustainable community based media platform to respond creatively to the existing and imminent conflicts between development and tradition, and to actively develop creative tools that foster participation in these processes of transformation.

ONSHORE nurtures an imaginary for situated and responsible subjectivities for multiple forms of existence as resistance to the monolithic neoliberal forces of offshore extractionism.